Preschool & Nursery Classes

Little Acorns Theatre Academy run a variety of classes suitable for children from pre-school and nursery age up to 4 years.  Each session runs for 30 minutes in small groups ensuring children are given individual attention to aid their progress.

Classes run as part of our School Partnership Programme are suitable for children from pre-school and nursery age.  These classes are run in partnership with individual schools in the Harrow and Watford areas and are held on school premises providing accessible Breakfast, Lunchtime and After-School courses.

Sessions run for 30 minutes to one hour depending on the age group and are run in small groups ensuring children are given individual attention to aid their progress.  All classes are designed to provide a supportive, creative and stimulating environment for children of all abilities.

Classes are split age accordingly and Little Acorns supports any specific presentations in the school curriculum, which may require musical composition, set dance choreography or speech support and direction.

Language/Drama & Speech Development Classes (age 2-3 years)

Nursery Drama ClassesThese classes are based on storytelling and consist of various drama techniques and role-play using puppets and stage props to stimulate your child’s imagination, aid communication and build confidence. Through improvisation we encourage interaction with other pupils whilst in a fun environment.

The sessions will also focus on improving your child’s development in speech to aid their clarity and diction while speaking, thus helping children progress where they may have difficulties in communication.

Little Acorns invites parents to view the explored drama adventures in a small presentation at the end of the year and see their child’s progress in speech.

Drama/Speech Classes (age 3-4 years)

These classes consist of storytelling to stimulate imagination and creativity. The sessions focus on individual speech development with emphasis on clarity and diction in speaking.

Drama classes include various confidence building exercises with the focus on interaction in speech, which will aid those children who are preparing for school assessments but also benefits children who may have difficulties in communication.

Dance Classes (age 2-4 years)

Nursery Dance ClassesDance classes consist of various different dance techniques such as ballet, street, and jazz with the primary focus on improving coordination and building confidence.

Little Acorns sessions start with a familiar dance warm-up every week, to which children will love to sing and dance along. Fun props are also used to promote engagement. Little Acorns dive into their imagination in creative dance and go on a different adventure each week.

Little Acorns dance classes nurture each childs individual character and natural love of movement in a structured yet relaxed and fun class.

Parents are invited to view the explored dance routines at the end of each term.

Musical Magic (age 4 months – 4 years)

These classes are split age accordingly and focus on expression through singing with the aim of discovering the importance of timing and rhythm whilst learning lyrics to popular and fun nursery rhymes and songs.

Props and puppets are used to stimulate imagination and creativity and many different movement routines are learnt to accompany each song, enhancing children’s learning experience, which aids communication and interaction.   We aim to develop each child’s social skills, build confidence and develop vocabulary.

Little Acorns supports any specific presentations in your curriculum which may require musical composition.

One to One Speech Tuition

Classes consist of a mock assessment to aid children who are preparing for school interviews and benefit children who may have difficulties in communication. We aim to build confidence in speech and encourage interaction through storytelling and role-play.

These classes are a great opportunity to target each individual child’s requirements, give feedback to parents and help children feel at ease in their assessments.

All the above classes are run as part of Little Acorns School Partnership programme. Information regarding classes for older children age 4 – 11 years is found on our Primary School Classes page.

To book your child onto one of our courses please call us on 07943 141 238 or email